Scot Gibson, M.D.



Before your first visit, please do the following:

1. Print out the following forms and complete or sign them as indicated. Bring them with you to the visit.

  Patient Information Form (6 pages)

Notice of Privacy Practices and Policies (5 pages)

2. Check the directions to my office on this website. Using a web mapping service alone may not direct you reliably, as the office is in a courtyard off the street.

3. If you currently take any prescription medications, please bring a detailed listing with you, with names and dosages. You may also bring the medication bottles themselves, if this is easier.

4. Please bring payment for the amount we discussed. You may also pay just prior to the appointment, using one of my online payment options here.

Once you arrive, please have a seat in the waiting room. I will come and find you at our appointment time. There is a restroom upstairs from the waiting room.

Please completely silence and put away phones and other devices for our appointment. Our goal should be to have as distraction-free an environment as possible for our meetings.

My pronouns are: he, him, his.

Please be aware that there is often a dog in the office. If this is a problem for you, please contact me.